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Westkin associates, protecting yourself against immigration fraud.
Unfortunately the modern fact of life is that individuals are often subject to fraud including
identity fraud. Was going associates as leading immigration lawyers are best placed to give
advice on how to avoid particular types of fraud in our sector, namely immigration fraud.
Westkin associates immigration fraud
The most important thing to remember is that if you have ever received an email that seemed to
be too good to be true, it probably is.
Westkin fraud examples – what we have seen
The most common type of fraud that we see how it’s going associates, his way unscrupulous
persons contact a white number of individuals in a country known for immigration to other
countries, such as the Philippines or Jamaica and pose as a legitimate immigration agency,
such as Westkin.
The scam then requests that individual pay a fee to have her Visa processed because they
have been preselected to obtain a job in the United Kingdom.
Westkin – scams through email
These scams often use legitimate sounding or similar sounding email addresses to reputable
companies like Westkin and often take logos and images from company websites to add to the
impression that the email is from a genuine source.
In fact Westkin associates are aware of fraudsters even trolling immigration websites to find the
names of lawyers so that when the unsuspecting victim seeks to doublecheck who the person
who sent them the email is, they find confirmation of the individual on the website of the
legitimate company.
If you have received such an email, then you should always contact the main website of the
agency to confirm the genuineness of the email. This should be done before you engage in any
conversation with individual sent you the email and certainly before sending them any of your
personal information or any funds for processing fees.
Westkin associates scandal around diversity lottery’s.
Certain countries like the United States of America also operate various lottery is to distribute
green cards to individuals. One of these is the diversity lottery. This program has been prayed
upon by unscrupulous fraudsters for many years.
The scandal tends to unfold like this: an individual is emailed all telephoned and they are
informed that they have been awarded a Visa or green card based upon the diversity lottery.
This of course is a logic that must be applied for, but often the photos are able to persuade the
individual that they will automatically enrolled in the lottery because of their background.
If he is then requested in advance to process the application which should be automatically
granted and then the first is a not heard from again, they have paid upon the design of the
individual to better their lies I going to United States but have been scammed.
If you have think you have been scammed or are the subject of a email scandal of any kind
either contact your local authorities or contact agency in question to verify the details that you
have received.